dept 1_margarita_philosophica_reisch

Margarita philosophica, Gregor Reisch, 1504.

Research Theme (2017-)

VI. Historical Theories of Knowledge

In addition to the main research lines of the Department focusing on the long-term development and the global dissemination of knowledge, concepts and methods of a historico-developmental theory of knowledge are being designed and explored. Within this framework research activities are dedicated to the analysis of the relation between the history and philosophy of science, in particular through the analysis of source materials on the history of this relation. The historical investigations are accompanied by efforts to develop further the theoretical framework common to all major projects of the Department, aiming at a historical theory of the evolution of knowledge, which comprises different forms of knowing and learning as well as their contexts.


Badino, M., & Omodeo, P. D. (2021). For Gramsci: Hegemony in the History and Philosophy of Science. In M. Badino, & P. Omodeo (Eds.), Cultural Hegemony in a Scientific World: Gramscian Concepts for the History of Science (pp. 1-16). Leiden: Brill. doi:10.1163/9789004443778_002.

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