N° 451
Tausch – Allgemeines – Ontologie oder Das Auseinanderlegen des Konkreten und seine Aufhebung
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Two theses by Hegel, which at first sight seem to be far away from each other, prove to be as closely connected and as possible starting point for the solution of currently philosophical problems.
On the one hand, Hegel recognizes: "The task of philosophy determines itself in that it makes the unity of thinking and being, which is its basic idea, to its own object and in that to understand it, i.e., to grasp the most internal of necessity, the notion." Thus, he sees the highest task of philosophy in that to supersede the abstract contradiction between thinking and being.
Otherwise, he states: "The general is the value, the motion as a sensual is the exchange – the same generality is mediation as knowing motion – property, that means, an immediate having which is mediated by the recognized-being – or its being is, is the spiritual essence."
Starting from these statements, the concept of the general (the concrete-general) as well as possibility and sense of the speculative thinking and of a post-Kantian ontology are considered.