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How might we think about climate change? Pandemics? Racism? Or digital culture? Then there's "fake news," biodiversity decline... all questions that concern our lives, one way or another, which science, history, and society can help us to explore.

In "Science Social," guests from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science join host Stephanie Hood with a cup of coffee to take a close-up look at what science, society, and history can tell us about wider current issues. Delving into the unusual hidden stories from the world of research, we unpack new ideas here and there that might just give us new perspectives. What can a simple mask—that iconic object of the coronavirus pandemic—tell us about social equality? How does digitization change our lives and what researchers, or the public, know and understand? And what does China's growing scientific and technological influence mean for all of us? Tune in to each episode as we explore the big questions of science, socially!


Produced by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science; Theme song by Podington Bear, CC NY-NC 3.0