Decolonization in Action Episode 8: Heritage Formation
Decolonization in Action

In this episode, Dr. Duane Jethro discusses the ways that heritage sites are constructed and re-imagined through the senses with special emphasis on post-apartheid South Africa and Germany. 


Edna Bonhomme is an activist, historian, writer, curator, and lecturer whose research interrogates disease, gender, surveillance, and embodiment. Edna earned a PhD in history of science at Princeton University with a dissertation that examined plagued bodies and spaces in North Africa and the Middle East. Her creative work is guided by diasporic futures, herbal healing, and bionic beings. Follow her on Twitter @jacobinoire.

Kristyna Comer studies art history and cultural studies at Humboldt University in Berlin where her research focuses on public museum collections in Berlin and past and current demands for restitution, reparations, and repatriation.