Histories of Planning Colloquium 2015–16


15 Sep “Looking Back, Looking Ahead”

*Planning Scale and Scope

22 Sep    

  • Emily Brownell, MPIWG, University of Northern Colorado
  • Kavita Philip, MPIWG, University of California, Irvine
  • Anindita Nag, MPIWG                                                                     
  • Martina Schlünder, MPIWG, University of Toronto
  • (opening questions by Dagmar Schäfer, MPIWG, Dept. III)

*Planning Safety

29 Sep    

  • Asaf Goldschmidt, University of Tel Aviv : Reasoning with Cases: The Transmission of Clinical Medical Knowledge in Twelfth-Century Song China (opening questions by Clare Griffin, MPIWG, Dept. II)

6.  Oct    

  • Iwo Amelung, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt : Hydraulic planning and decision making in late Imperial China.
The Case of the Yellow River in Shandong
 (opening questions by Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, MPIWG)

24. Nov    

  • Francesca Fiaschetti, MPIWG : Diplomacy on the Move between Song and Yuan Traditions: The Case of Annam (opening questions by Sonja Brentjes, MPIWG, Dept. I)

*Planning Cultures and Identities

1  Dec    

  • Mårten Söderblom Sareela, MPIWG : The European Invention of the Manchu Alphabet (opening questions by Henning Klöter, HU Berlin, Sinologie)

8  Dec    

  • Judith Kaplan, MPIWG, Dept. II : A Seminar for an Empire: Philology versus Linguistics at Berlin’s Seminar für Orientalische Sprachen (opening questions by Jacob Gabory, MPIWG, Dept. II)

18 Dec (1 to 2:30 pm)     

  • Sonja Brentjes, MPIWG, Dept. I : Teaching Sciences in Islamicate Societies

12 Jan    

  • Sarah Van Beurden, MPIWG, Ohio State University : Planning a Colonial Cultural Economy: Arts and Crafts in the Belgian Congo (opening questions by Robert Kett, MPIWG, Dept. III)

19 Jan    

  • Robert Kett, MPIWG : Monuments in/of Print: Inscriptions and Aspirations of Late Nineteenth-Century Mexican Archaeology (opening questions by Kaijun Chen, MPIWG, Dept. III)

2  Feb    

  • Emily Brownell, MPIWG, University of Northern Colorado : Bricks and Mortar: The materials of nation-building in 1970s Tanzania (opening questions by Sarah van Beurden, MPIWG, Ohio State University)

*Planning the Earth and the State

9 Feb    

  • Bertrand Guillaume, MPIWG, HETIC, TU Troyes : Early Visions of Geo-engineering (opening questions by Philipp Lehmann, MPIWG, Dept. II)

16 Feb   

  • Wilko Graf v. Hardenberg, MPIWG : Point zero. The mean sea-level in practice, science, and diplomacy (opening questions by Christoph Rosol, MPIWG, Dept. I)

*Planning Minds and Bodies

8  Mar    

  • John DiMoia, MPIWG, National University of Singapore : Counting for Empire: the 1925 National Census and Colonial Korea's Experience of a New Demographic Regime (opening questions by Michael Stanley-Baker, MPIWG, Dept. III)

22 Mar    

David Bloor, MPIWG, University of Edinburgh : The Cambridge Cockpit and the Berlin Cockpit. Problems in the Study of Flying Fatigue

  • c. 1940 (opening questions by Jamie Cohen-Cole, MPIWG, Dept. II, George Washington University)

5 Apr    

  • Elaine Leong, MPIWG, Dept II : Managing Health and Household in Early Modern England (opening questions by Sebastian Felten, MPIWG, Dept. II)

19 Apr    

  • Sarah Blacker, MPIWG, University of Alberta : Planning for Persistent Environmental Contamination: Public Health, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, and the Settler Colonial State (opening questions by Victoria Lee, MPIWG, Dept. III)

10 May    

  • Tamar Novick, MPIWG : The Search for Rutie the Horse: Infertility Research and Settlement in Palestine/Israel (opening questions by Jenny Bangham, MPIWG, Dept. II)

*Planning Minds for a Future

31 May    

  • Dong-Won Kim, Johns Hopkins University : Science Fiction in South and North Korea (opening questions by Bertrand Guillaume, MPIWG, Dept. III)

*Animals as Resources

14 Jun    

  • Nadin Hée, MPIWG, FU Berlin : East Asian Impacts on the Globalization of Ocean Studies During Cold War (opening questions by Helge Wendt, MPIWG, Dept. I)


* thematic cluster