Overcoming Obstacles in Digital Humanities

A Transdisciplinary Conversation

The VoH Group, in cooperation with Research IT, is pleased to present a series of lectures, "Overcoming Obstacles, Learning from Experiences: A Transdisciplinary Conversation about Computer Vision, 3D Models, Preservation, and Outreach in Digital Humanities Projects," May–July 2024. The goal of this lecture series is to share experiences from different DH projects across multiple disciplines in the Humanities—History of Science, History, Art History, and Archaeology. Invited speakers will focus on methods essential for the VoH group, such as databases, their development, preservation, and dissemination, computer vision and its components, such as classification, annotation, and vectorization, as well as 3-D modeling. Analogous to the thinking behind the project "Visualization and Material Culture of the Heavens Database: An Image Database as a Research Tool," the discussed DH projects are primarily interested in the systematic DH-related analysis of objects with images and visual specimens in manuscripts. Two of the lectures will present new aspects to be considered in future VoH research—the study of corpora and object makers. Lectures in the series will provide the opportunity to discuss the challenges that arise in the cooperation between colleagues of different disciplines and the necessary processes of translation. Therefore, other lecture topics include the formulation of computer-suitable research questions, the application of AI, or the use of semantic web technology. Speakers hail from several different institutional settings, among them computer labs, museums, and universities. They will introduce their projects, ranging from databases to computer vision, some featuring ambiguity and multiplicity in digital repositories and others tools of knowledge and the potential of their appeal to broader audiences.


This lecture series is open to the public. We welcome both internal and external guests. To register, please click here and choose which event you would like to attend. You can register for multiple events but must do so separately. 

For questions on registration please contact event_dept3@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de and for further information about the series please contact rbrentjes@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de

Overcoming Obstacles Lecture Series


Tools of Knowledge: Revitalising a Legacy Database of Scientific Instrument Makers Online Event


Ptolemaic Astronomy through Computer Vision: A Building Platform for Research on Astronomical Diagrams Online Event


On Obstacle Courses and Other Racings (or an Outburst about Reusing 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Objects for Research and Conservation) Online Event


Computer Vision for History Online Event


Archives by and for Research in the History of Science and Digital Humanities: Describe, Annotate, Preserve, and Disseminate Online Event


Computer Vision Approaches for Greek Vase Paintings Online Event