Dept. III Colloquium

Schedule 2015/16


Martina Siebert & Emily Brock

Venue: MPIWG Department III Colloquium 2015/2016 take place on Tuesdays, from 14:30-16:00 in room 265, MPIWG Boltzmannstr. 22, 14195 Berlin (please contact a week in advance of a session if you would like to attend) 


15 Sep “Looking Back, Looking Ahead”


*Planning Scale and Scope

22 Sep           Emily Brownell, MPIWG, University of Northern Colorado

Kavita Philip, MPIWG, University of California, Irvine

Anindita Nag, MPIWG                                                              

Martina Schlünder, MPIWG, University of Toronto

(opening questions by Dagmar Schäfer, MPIWG, Dept. III)


*Planning Safety

29 Sep           Asaf Goldsmith, University of Tel Aviv : Reasoning with Cases: The Transmission of Clinical Medical Knowledge in Twelfth-Century Song China

(opening questions by Clare Griffin, MPIWG, Dept. II)

6.  Oct Iwo Amelung, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt : Hydraulic planning and decision making in late Imperial China.
The Case of the Yellow River in Shandong

(opening questions by Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, MPIWG)

24. Nov Francesca Fiaschetti, MPIWG : Diplomacy on the Move between Song and Yuan Traditions: The Case of Annam

(opening questions by Sonja Brentjes, MPIWG, Dept. I)


*Planning Cultures and Identities

1  Dec   Mårten Söderblom Sareela MPIWG : The European Invention of the Manchu Alphabet

          (opening questions by Henning Klöter, HU Berlin, Sinologie)

8  Dec   Judith Kaplan, MPIWG, Dept. II : A Seminar for an Empire: Philology versus Linguistics at Berlin’s Seminar für Orientalische Sprachen

          (opening questions by Jacob Gabory, MPIWG, Dept. II)

18 Dec (1 to 2:30 pm) Sonja Brentjes, MPIWG, Dept. I : Teaching Sciences in Islamicate Societies

12 Jan           Sarah Van Beurden MPIWG, Ohio State University : Planning a Colonial Cultural Economy: Arts and Crafts in the Belgian Congo

(opening questions by Robert Kett, MPIWG, Dept. III)

19 Jan           Robert Kett, MPIWG : Monuments in/of Print: Inscriptions and Aspirations of Late Nineteenth-Century Mexican Archaeology

(opening questions by Kaijun Chen, MPIWG, Dept. III)

2   Feb Emily Brownell, MPIWG, University of Northern Colorado : Bricks and Mortar: The materials of nation-building in 1970s Tanzania

(opening questions by Sarah van Beurden, MPIWG, Ohio State University)


*Planning the Earth and the State

9 Feb    Bertrand Guillaume, MPIWG, HETIC, TU Troyes : Early Visions of Geo-engineering

(opening questions by Philipp Lehmann, MPIWG, Dept. II)

16 Feb Wilko Graf v. Hardenberg, MPIWG : Point zero. The mean sea-level in practice, science, and diplomacy

(opening questions by Christoph Rosol, MPIWG, Dept. I)


*Planning Minds and Bodies

8  Mar John DiMoia, MPIWG, National University of Singapore : Counting for Empire: the 1925 National Census and Colonial Korea's Experience of a New Demographic Regime

(opening questions by Michael Stanley-Baker, MPIWG, Dept. III)


22 Mar          David Bloor, MPIWG, University of Edinburgh : The Cambridge Cockpit and the Berlin Cockpit. Problems in the Study of Flying Fatigue
c. 1940

(opening questions by Jamie Cohen-Cole, MPIWG, Dept. II, George Washington University)


5 Apr    Elaine Leong MPIWG, Dept II : Managing Health and Household in Early Modern England

(opening questions by Sebastian Felten, MPIWG, Dept. II)


19 Apr           Sarah Blacker MPIWG, University of Alberta : Planning for Persistent Environmental Contamination: Public Health, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, and the Settler Colonial State

(opening questions by Victoria Lee, MPIWG, Dept. III)


10 May         Tamar Novick, MPIWG : The Search for Rutie the Horse: Infertility Research and Settlement in Palestine/Israel

(opening questions by Jenny Bangham, MPIWG, Dept. II)


*Planning Minds for a Future

31 May         Dong-Won Kim, Johns Hopkins University : Science Fiction in South and North Korea

(opening questions by Bertrand Guillaume, MPIWG, Dept. III)


*Animals as Resources

14 Jun          Nadin Hée, MPIWG, FU Berlin : East Asian Impacts on the Globalization of Ocean Studies During Cold War

              (opening questions by Helge Wendt, MPIWG, Dept. I)


* thematic cluster