Dept. Daston

Doctoral Seminar Program 2015–19

The Doctoral Seminar is a space for early career researchers from across the Institute (with priority given to pre-doctoral fellows) to discuss their work in a formal, yet friendly setting. Sessions are held generally twice a month and are 60 minutes long. They consist of a five-minute introduction by the presenter, followed by Q&A discussion for the remainder of the hour concerning the presenter's pre-circulated paper. We particularly welcome submissions of work in progress, such as dissertation chapters and drafts of papers intended for publication. The doctoral seminars take place 11:00–12:00 in room 215.


Academic Year 2018–19

2018 Author Paper Title
September 17 Agnes Bauer The Bimanual Tester by Moede and the Quest to Evaluate Human Beings
October 8 Nicolas Michel The Imaginary Museum of Mathematical Objects
October 15 Yasuhiro Okazawa The Scientific Rationality of Early Statistics, 1833–77
November 12 Daniela Helbig Written Traces and Biographical Form: On the Test Pilot Melitta Schiller-Stauffenberg (1903–1945)
November 19 Ohad Sorokin An Untimely Meditation: F.A. Hayek and the Study of the Mind from the “Beiträge zur Theorie der Entwicklung des Bewußtseins” (1920) to The Sensory Order (1952)
December 3 Sau-Yi Fong Technological Learning as Warcraft and Statecraft: The Case of Ding Gongchen (1800–1875)
December 17 Kristine Palmieri The Philology Seminar and the Science of Philology in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany




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