Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow Evelina Miteva to Receive Feodor Lynen Fellowship

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow Evelina Miteva is to receive an 18-month Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She will be hosted by Professor Alessandra Beccarisi at the Centro per l'edizione di testi filosofici medievali e rinascimentali (CETEFIL), Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Salento.AvH Stiftung

During the fellowship Evelina will work on her research project, "Between Philosophy and Convention: Albertus Magnus’ Approach towards an Empirical Anthropology," where she seeks to explore the tension and possibly contradiction between the theoretical background of Aristotelian science and its empirical implications. The project is a continuation of work completed at the MPIWG, where she currently focuses on women, ethnicity, and humoral complexion within this larger philosophical problem.