Special Issue of "South Asian History and Culture” Explores Indigenous Knowledges and Colonial Sciences in South Asia

Minakshi Menon, a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow with the Max Planck Research Group "Premodern Sciences of Soul and Body," has written the introduction for a Special Issue of the South Asian History and Culture journal (vol. 13, n. 1) concerning South Asian indigenous knowledges.

This Special Issue originated in the papers presented at the 2016 workshop "Colonial Sciences and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in South Asia" held at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG). Its aim was to bring together scholars–historians of science, anthropologists and Indologists–who do not usually engage across disciplinary divides, to explore whether productive conversations were possible in spite of differences in methodological assumptions and approaches. 

The journal asks what we mean when we use the category "Indigenous knowledges" and "colonial sciences" as it seeks to provide an interdisciplinary context spanning from anthropology, to history, history of science and Indology; aiming to bring variety of methodological approaches to the questions they address.

South Asian History and Culture is a multidisciplinary journal that provides an integrated perspective on the field of South Asian studies.

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