Research Scholar Benjamin Steininger Curates Exhibition "Oil. Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age" at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Research Scholar Benjamin Steininger is one of the curators of the exhibition Oil. Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age (September 4, 2021–January 9, 2022) at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.

The exhibition focuses on the decades between the end of the Second World War and today. In this way, the exhibition presents the world’s first retrospective of the global modern age of petroleum. With 220 interdisciplinary artworks exhibited, this display is the first historically and geographically comprehensive summary of artistic positions dealing with petroleum, its derivatives and the historical processes it fuels. Visitors are invited to a retrospective on an era that must be better understood in order to actively participate in the conception of its end.  

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a privately-sponsored contemporary art museum that has been collecting and exhibiting international contemporary art since 1994.