Predoctoral Fellow Andrea Braun Střelcová Selected to EU Science Diplomacy Working Group

Predoctoral Fellow Andrea Braun Střelcová has been selected to the EU Science Diplomacy Working Group "Using Science Diplomacy Strategically to Tackle Geopolitical Challenges in a Fragmented, Multipolar World." 

Portrait of Andrea Braun Střelcová in front of MPIWG building

Portrait of Andrea Braun Střelcová, Source: MPIWG.

As announced in its recent Global Approach Implementation Report, the European Commission is to establish five such informal working groups. The aim is to bring together individuals in both science and diplomacy to jointly develop potential elements of a future European framework for science diplomacy. Each of the working groups will be co-chaired by a scientist and a diplomat and will be composed of 25–30 members.

MPIWG alumna Maria Rentetzi will also be a member of the initiative.