One of 24.000: Birgit Kolboske, Historian at the MPI for the History of Science

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"The initial question was: how to tell the history of women in the Max Planck Society, in the most representative and inclusive sense?"

Research Scholar Birgit Kolboske speaks to Beate Koch for an interview in Max Planck Community Magazine Max Mag. The interview focuses on Kolboske’s work researching the history of women in the Max Planck Society.

Kolboske's research focuses on gender in the first fifty years of the Max Planck Society (1948–1998). She tells Koch about her work processes which involved archival research as well as conversations with colleagues and witnesses. Kolboske also elucidates how changes in the Max Planck Society's approach to gender equality compare to general societal changes. She finishes by wishing the Max Planck Society continued scientific success as well as courage to implement cultural change.