MPIWG Supports Statement on UK Participation in Horizon Europe

Alongside 99 organizations and researchers from across Europe and the UK, the MPIWG supports a statement that sets out how negotiators could secure an agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe.Logo Horizon Europe

MPIWG Director Jürgen Renn is amongst the signatories of a statement by the Wellcome Trust,entitled "Securing a Strong Outcome for Research in the EU-UK Future Relationship: Reaching an Agreement on UK Participation in Horizon Europe."

"The EU and UK have been discussing UK participation in Union Programmes, including Horizon Europe, as part of the negotiations on a future EU-UK relationship. It is encouraging that both sides have committed to the principle of UK participation in their mandates, recognising that collaboration between the UK and the EU in the framework programmes strengthens our ability to tackle shared challenges, such as cancer and climate change," the statement begins.

Horizon Europe will support European partnerships with EU countries, the private sector, foundations, and other stakeholders. Its aim is to deliver on global challenges and industrial modernization through concerted research and innovation efforts.