Institute Welcomes Journalist in Residence Sahana Ghosh

Portrait of Sahana GhoshThe Max Planck Institute for the History of Science is thrilled to welcome Sahana Ghosh as Journalist in Residence from May to June 2023.

Sahana is an Associate Editor at Nature India. She was previously a Contributing Editor at Mongabay India, leading climate change and biodiversity reportage, with a network of diverse independent journalists in India. She is the developer and host of the Imprints podcast series at Mongabay that features five Indian paleo scientists helping reconstruct past climate history in the Indian subcontinent. She is also a member of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network and founder-member at the Science Journalists Association of India.

During her residency, Sahana will focus on storytelling on deep-sea expeditions in the Indian Ocean in the 19th to 20th centuries and the significance of historical marine data in signaling the Anthropocene. She will also work with the MPIWG communications team on developing new formats bringing the humanities and social sciences to a broader public. Additionally, she will support researchers at the Institute by delivering a workshop on media engagement.

The Institute is pleased to be able to facilitate international journalistic cooperation through its Journalist-in-Residence program. The initiative seeks to support journalists writing about the history of science, develop new formats for the discipline, and open up dialogue between the media and researchers in the field.