Frühphase des Feminismus: Das revolutionäre Subjekt Frau

"A volume of essays commemorates the feminist pioneer Annemarie Tröger."

Tagesspiegel_logoreview published in Der Tagesspiegel has praised the book Annemarie Tröger: Kampf um feministische Geschichten. Texte und Kontexte 1970-1990, co-edited by Visiting Scholar Carola Sachse, Regine Othmer, and Dagmar Reese. 

Annemarie Tröger was a pioneer of oral history and one of the founders of women's studies in the German-speaking countries in the 1970s. In this volume, the authors focus especially on how women's studies emerged from the political struggles and transnational debates of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s and how this revolutionary way of thinking confidently challenged established disciplinary boundaries.