Autokraten im Visier

GA Bonn logoSociologist Rudolf Stichweh—director of the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW) Bonn and Visiting Scholar in MPIWG's Lise Meitner Research Group "China in the Global System of Science"—is to receive the renowned Sarton Medal of the University of Ghent in early 2021.

In this article, the General-Anzeiger Bonn interviews Stichweh about his research and on receiving the prestigious award. They also feature the new Lise Meitner Research Group led by Anna L. Ahlers: as a Visiting Scholar Stichweh will collaborate with Ahlers on The Merton Project, which is to explore science and political regimes in the 21st century.

“Among other things, we are looking for universal norms and values ​​of science, especially in connection with how regimes of the 21st century have influenced them,” explains Stichweh. "This question fits perfectly with democracy research and thus brings both of my specialist interests together."