Health Insurance

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Health Insurance with an Employment Contract

Everyone with an MPIWG employment contract must already have German statutory health insurance when they take up their position at the MPIWG, and must inform the Institute so that their health insurance can be entered in the payroll accounting system on their first day of work. This applies to

  • non-scientific staff
  • research services staff
  • postdocs with employment contracts
  • predocs with doctoral funding contracts
  • Research Scholars and Senior Research Scholars
  • student assistants and graduate assistants


Health Insurance with a Visiting Predoctoral or Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Visiting fellowship holders must have private health insurance that demonstrably reaches the same standard as the German statutory health insurance “full tariff.” You will need to supply proof of this within 14 days of the start of the award; if you do not, the fellowship will be deemed not to have been awarded. This applies to

  • visiting predoctoral fellows
  • visiting postdoctoral fellows

In both cases, the visiting fellowship holder will receive a monthly health insurance subsidy of €100. Please note: you can only receive the subsidy if you present written confirmation that your private insurance tariff is equivalent to German statutory health insurance—that it complies with the German Social Code Book V, § 257 para. 2 a (SGB V) ( It is important to check this with the insurance company in advance and ask them to issue the relevant confirmation document. For insurance providers outside Germany, the confirmation must be provided in English or German.


Health Insurance with a Senior Researcher Fellowship

Research fellowship recipients are obliged to present evidence of health insurance to the MPIWG within 14 days of the fellowship beginning, but the fellowship will not be invalid without this evidence of current health insurance. Also, you do not need to present evidence that your insurance complies with the full tariff of a German statutory health insurance provider. No subsidy is paid toward health insurance.


Health Insurance with a Guest Residency and Use of Facilities Agreement

Scholars with a Guest Residency and Use of Facilities Agreement—“guests”—are asked to ensure that they have their own adequate health insurance protection. This is not the responsibility of the MPIWG, and we do not require any evidence regarding your health insurance. Private health insurance can be purchased; no subsidy for health insurance is paid.