Aug 29, 2018
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and His Images and Draughtsmen


MPIWG, Harnackstraße 5, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Villa, Room V005/Seminar Room
Contact and Registration

Any questions you might have about this or further sessions can be addressed to Maria Avxentevskaya.

About This Series

Premodern Conversations is a monthly seminar on pre-modern and early-modern topics, aiming to offer researchers informal space to discuss their work-in-progress. Our sessions take place in Room V005, the seminar room of the Villa, Harnackstraße 5. If you have not visited us before, the Villa is 2 minutes walk from the back entrance of the MPIWG. The seminar room is on the ground floor on the right-hand side through the glass fire door.

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