Sophie Roux

Visiting Scholar (Mar 2019-Apr 2019)

PhD, Professor, École normale supérieure de Paris

Sophie Roux studied philosophy at the ENS and obtained her PhD in the history of science from the EHESS (1996). After staying at the MPIWG, the Centre Alexandre-Koyré and the University of Grenoble, she was appointed Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science at the ENS in 2012, where she is now head of the Graduate Program in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. At the MPIWG, Sophie will complete an annotated edition and French translation of Galileo’s Le mecaniche. By way of a prolongation, she will study the historians of science who raised the question of the place of technology in the development of modern science. Moreover, to account for the knowledge of the engineers, she will elaborate a historicized category of tacit knowledge. Sophie’s main research is in the history of early modern science and philosophy, but she also published in general philosophy of science and in history of philosophy of science.  She served as Vice President and President of the ESEMP and is now member of the steering committee of HOPOS. Until recently, she was a member of the scientific committee of the Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte.


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Editing Le mecaniche and Reevaluating the Practical Knowledge of Renaissance Engineers


Selected Publications

Roux, S. (2010). L' Essai de logique de Mariotte: une naturalisation de la méthode? In P. E. Bour, & S. Roux (Eds.), Lambertiana: hommage à Jacques Lambert (pp. 163-188). Paris: Vrin.

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