Blum Final Theory

Rocco Gaudenzi

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Sep 2021-Jan 2023)


After a High School degree in Classics (It. Liceo Classico), I earned a Bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Roma Tre, discussing from the physics and philosophical standpoint the role of the electromagnetic potentials in quantum theory; and then a Master degree at the ETH Zurich with a Master-arbeit on the integer and fractional quantum Hall effect in two-dimensional electron systems. I then moved to the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft, NL) to investigate quantum transport mechanisms in nanostructures, focusing in particular on those phenomena involving quantum magnetism, superconductivity, and thermodynamics of information. After the PhD, fulfilling my original desire to go past the research in science in favour of the enquiry on its historical-epistemological dimension and conceptual dynamics, I was awarded a two-year Rubicon grant (the Dutch Marie Curie fellowship) to pursue research at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin, DE). Here I am currently investigating the conceptual connections established in the last century between condensed matter and elementary particle physics, paying particular attention to the methods and heuristic thought processes entailed in the crossdisciplinary knowledge transfer, and focusing on the role played in it by analogical and metaphorical thinking. This research is currently being put together as a monograph, and has resulted, among others, into the university course "What’s in an analogy? A journey from the sciences to the humanities and back," directed to science as well as humanities students. Alongside research, I devote myself to teaching and dissemination, experimenting there with various formats including theater and broad audience lectures and annually co-organize an event that strives to integrate the scientific discourses with reflections on humanities and society.


Concepts from Mesoscopic Physics in Particle Physics: Unveiling a Success Story in Modern Science


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Selected Publications

Gaudenzi, Rocco (2022). Historical Roots of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: Steps Towards an Analogy. SpringerBriefs in History of Science and Technology . Cham: Springer.

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Furlan, Stefano, and Rocco Gaudenzi (2022). “The Earth Vibrates with Analogies: The Dirac Sea and the Geology of the Vacuum.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Part A 93: 163–174.

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Ruiz de Olano, Pablo, James D. Fraser, Rocco Gaudenzi, and Alexander S. Blum (2022). “Taking Approximations Seriously: The Cases of the Chew and Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Models.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science. Part A 93: 82–95. https://doi…

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Furlan, Stefano, and Rocco Gaudenzi (2021). “Far from the Particle Crowd: Shugyosha Nambu and Michizane Wheeler.” In Atti del XL Convegno annuale: Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference, 8-10 September 2020, Società Italiana degli Storici della…

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