Ohad Parnes

Research Coordinator, Senior Research Scholar (Since 2014)

PhD, Honorary Associate Professor

Ohad Parnes is the Research Coordinator at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. He and studied Biology and History of Science at the Tel-Aviv University, obtaining his PhD in 2001 with a dissertation on nineteenth century physiology and medicine. He worked at the Open University in Israel, at the Central European University in Budapest, at the University of Berne and has been a Research Fellow at the Center of Cultural and Literary Research (ZfL) in Berlin and the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, University College in London. His main interests are the history of the life sciences and modern medicine, focusing on evolutionary theory and epigenetics as well as the history of immunology and autoimmunity and chronic disease in the twentieth century. Ohad's current research project deals with his doctoral supervisor Yehuda Elkana's estate and the digitalization of Theodor Schwann's estate.


Theories of Knowledge in the Twentieth Century: the “Split of Scientific Rationality”


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Selected Publications

Parnes, O. (2002). [Entries] 'Schleiden, Matthias Jacob'; 'Schwann, Theodor Ambrose Hubert'; ‘Richet, Charles'. In Encyclopedia of life sciences. London: Macmillan.

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Parnes, O. (2001). Review of: Meinel, Christoph: Instrument - Experiment: historische Studien. Berlin [u.a.]: GNT-Verlag 2000. The British Journal for the History of Science, 34(122,3), 347-349.

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Parnes, O. (2000). The envisioning of cells. Science in Context, 13(1), 71-92.

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Parnes, O. (2001). Chipping away at feudal vestiges in Academe. Science, 291(5501), 23-24.

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Creating a Knowledge Society in a Globalizing World, 1450–1800