Jaromír Dittmann-Balcar

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2023-Dec 2023)

PD Dr.

Jaromír Balcar was part of the Research Program on the History of the Max Planck Society (GMPG) from 2014 to 2022, where he worked on his project “Finance, Governance, Policy, and the Contacts of the Max Planck Society in the Field of Politics.” He received his doctorate from LMU Munich (2002) and in 2011 received his Habilitation from the University of Bremen. He has been a Research Associate at the Institute for Contemporary History, Munich (1995–1999), LMU Munich (1999–2003 and 2005–2007) and at the University of Bremen (2003/2004 and 2008–2014).

Jaromír’s wider research interests include German and Central European history, especially the history of West Germany since 1945 and Czechoslovakia (1918–1992) as well as the economic and corporate history of national socialism and state socialism.


Selected Publications

Balcar, Jaromír and Thomas Schlemmer (2020). “Von der Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft für Raumforschung zum Staatsministerium für Landesentwicklung und Umweltfragen: Kontinuitäten und Diskontinuitäten der Landesplanung in Bayern.” In Raumforschung…

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Balcar, Jaromír (2020). Wandel durch Wachstum in »dynamischen Zeiten«. Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft 1955 bis 1972. Preprint : Ergebnisse des Forschungsprogramms zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (GMPG) 14. Berlin: Forschungsprogramm…

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Balcar, Jaromír (2019). Die Ursprünge der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. Wiedergründung – Umgründung – Neugründung. Preprint : Ergebnisse des Forschungsprogramms zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (GMPG) 7. Berlin: Forschungsprogramm Geschichte…

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Balcar, Jaromír (2018). “‘Dem tschechischen Arbeiter das Fressen geben’: Factory Canteens in the ‘Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.’” In Coping with Hunger and Shortage under German Occupation in World War II, ed. T. Tönsmeyer, P. Haslinger, and…

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Jaromír Balcar and Carsten Reinhardt for BR2 on the history and work culture of Max Planck Society


Research Scholar Jaromir Balcar delivers lecture at Max Planck Day in Göttingen