Helen R. Verran

Visiting Scholar (Mar 2019-Jun 2019)

PhD, University Professorial Fellow, Charles Darwin University

Helen Verran taught history and philosophy of science at University of Melbourne Australia, for nearly twenty-five years. Since 2012 she has been research professor at Charles Darwin University. Her research focuses on epistemic practices in diverse situations where scientific traditions work ‘in the wild’ contributing to social organisation and planning. At the MPIWG, she is a member of the working group on “Colonial and Postcolonial Histories of Planning”. This group is currently completing a book project: “An Alphabetical History of (post)Colonial Planning.” In association with this work Helen is currently pursuing a more general research project in history and philosophy of science, developing and making explicit an under-recognized strand within the history of science studies: Histories and Ethnographies of Concepts.


Ethnographies and Histories of a Concept: The Colonizing Planning-Moment


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