Florence Hsia

Visiting Scholar (May 2017-Jun 2017)

PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of the History of Science, University of Wisconsin

Florence Hsia has a PhD in History from the University of Chicago (1999); she is a Professor of the History of Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her MPIWG research focused on archival reasoning in astronomy, chronology, and history. Her research and teaching interests include the Scientific Revolution, Jesuit science, science and religion, and science and European expansion in the early modern era. Publications include Sojourners in a Strange Land: Jesuits and Their Scientific Missions in Late Imperial China (University of Chicago Press, 2009). Her current book project underway is tentatively titled Darkness at Noon: Chinese Astronomy and the Origins of European Sinology.


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Archival Reasoning: Astronomy, Chronology, History


The Sciences of Sinography