David M. Robinson

Visiting Scholar (Aug 2020-Jun 2021)

Professor of History and Asian Studies at Colgate University (NY, USA), David Robinson explores questions of violence, court culture, foreign relations, historical memory, and the military in early modern Eurasia. His project in Department III considers how the Chinese court in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries translated key terms, titles, and visual images not only to transmit information but also to maximize legitimacy and charisma in local political idioms in communications with foreign rulers and regional leaders. His most recent books, In the Shadow of the Mongol Empire: Ming China and Eurasia and Ming China and Its Allies: Imperial Rule in Eurasia, examine China’s engagement in Asia during fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. He has held research fellowships at Princeton University, Kyoto University, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), and Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton).


Ability and Authority


Communication in Early Modern Eurasia: Translation, Memory, and Power


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Empire and Information: How to be Understood in the Wake of the Mongol Empire’s Fall