Inclusion in Public Communications Strategy for the Humanities and Social Sciences


Towards an Intersectional Public Communications Strategy

This project is supported by the Max Planck Society's Diversity Excellence Fund.

The Communications Team at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science aims to develop a long-term, sustainable public communications strategy that is actively intersectional in its process, implementation, and outcome. The goal is to represent a balance of perspectives in communication and to define target groups, core messages, and formats for this purpose, with the aim of making the Institute's public communication more equitable, meaningful, and effective.

We aim to find ways to identify and redress imbalances in order to communicate about researchers, topics, and epistemologies that have until now been largely excluded through traditional “science communication." This is especially important for the MPIWG as an institute researching at the intersection of humanities, social sciences, and STEM perspectives, and for a discipline that is grappling with how to leverage its work for public good.

The project will be undertaken by the MPIWG Communications Team in collaboration with a communications agency and consultants in diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality.