Mona Friedrich

Research Scholar
Research Scholars are early career scholars who have ordinarily already had at least one postdoctoral fellowship or equivalent academic experience. This is the equivalent of an entry-level academic position (e.g. assistant professor in North America, Lecturer in the United Kingdom, Maître de conférences in France). These scholars carry considerable responsibilities (no more than 30% of their time) within their research unit.
Department I
1. August 2016 to 31. Juli 2019

Mona Friedrich has been at the MPIWG since August 2016, where she predominantly works with Professor Jürgen Renn in his capacity as Section Head of the HSS. Mona completed her PhD at the Institute for Dark Tourism Research (iDTR) at the University of Central Lancashire (UK) in 2016. Her thesis explored the complexities of memorialization processes in Rwanda and the resulting consequences of following tourism development in post-conflict spaces. She has previously completed a BA at the University of Sussex in Development Studies, and later an MA in Tourism, Environment and Development at the Geography Department at King’s College London. She has published her findings in the Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change and has contributed to the collective volume Dark Tourism: Practice and Interpretation. She has presented her work at several conferences, including the 2013 Peace Conference in Wageningen, Netherlands.


Max Planck Institute for the History of Science 
Boltzmannstraße 22 
14195 Berlin