Tina Asmussen

Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellows are early career scholars who are ordinarily no more than five years past the granting of the doctorate and who are financed in part or in whole by the MPIWG. These scholars carry minor responsibilities (no more than 10% of their time) within their research unit.
Department I
October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2017

Tina Asmussen gained her doctorate in Early Modern History from the University of Lucerne with a thesis on the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher entitled: “Scientia Kircheriana—Maschinerien des Wissens bei Athanasius Kircher.” Her study investigates mechanisms of knowledge production and distribution as well as the collaboratively conducted modes of marketing Kircherian science. She is currently working on her second book project entitled “Subterranean Economies—Resource Flows and Metal Culture in Early Modern Mining, 1490-1630.” This project investigates the perceptions and validations of ores within their different aggregate conditions, manufacturing processes, and consumption contexts. Methodologically her research connects approaches from history of science and technology, material culture studies, and cultural history of economy and art in order to analyze practices, processes, and discourses upon metallic resources within learned, elite, and craft cultures. Tina Asmussen is a member of the editorial board of the history journal traverse—Zeitschrift für Geschichte/Révue d’histoire


Selected publications: