Volker Roelcke

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2023-Feb 2023)

Prof. Dr.

Volker Roelcke studied medicine at Heidelberg and Glasgow Universities (MD 1984, with a dissertation in experimental immunology) and social anthropology at Cambridge University (MPhil 1988). Having completed post-graduate training in psychiatry, he turned to the history of medicine and the biomedical sciences, with positions at the Universities of Bonn and Lübeck. Since 2003, he is a professor of the history of medicine, and Director of the Institute of the History of Medicine at Giessen University. He was a visiting scholar, among others, at the Rockefeller University, New York; the Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin; and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Since 2021, he is member of the Lancet Commission on Medicine and the Holocaust. His research interests focus, among other topics, on the emergence and the trajectory of the field of psychosomatic medicine; the interrelations between eugenics and medical genetics; and the history of ideas and practices related to animal models of human disease. In his current project, he looks at the construction of evidence in the history of psychiatric genetics in various political contexts circa. 1910–80.



In Search of Evidence: Epistemic Strategies and Political Contexts in Psychiatric Genetics, ca. 1910–80


Transitions From Animal to Human Experiment in Medical Research, ca. 1880-1960