Sabina Leonelli

Research Scholar (Jan 2014-Apr 2014)

PhD, Senior Lecturer, Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences (Egenis) & Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter

I pursue an approach to philosophy of science that is grounded on the empirical study of scientific practices, as informed by historical research, ethnographic methods used in the social and anthropological studies of science and technology, and collaboration with practicing scientists. My research spans the fields of history and philosophy of biology, science and technology studies and general philosophy of science. My current work focuses on the philosophy, history and sociology of data-intensive science, especially the rhetorics of 'data-driven' research, its relation to experimental practices and to the dissemination and handling of data online, and the role of digital technologies and automation in model organism biology, plant science and biomedicine (1970-today). I am also researching the implications of the current emphasis on Open Science and Open Data (see my twitterfeed @sabinaleonelli).

The main objective of my visit to the Sciences of the Archive project here at the MPI is to finalize a book manuscript titled 'Researching Life in the Digital Age: The Epistemology of Data-Intensive Biology'.

For a more detailed description of my ongoing research projects, see my staff page at Exeter and the preliminary webpage of the Data Studies research group.


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Understanding Life in the Digital Age