Silvia Castillo Vergara

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Jul 2021-Sep 2021)

Silvia Castillo Vergara is a Physics with Philosophy student at the University of Manchester. She is particularly interested in the limits of quantum mechanics, quantum information, and the measurement problem. Silvia’s current research project deals with the relationship between the debate on the interpretation of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity. In particular, her work focuses on examining the ideas proposed by Roger Penrose. At the MPIWG she is looking to build further on her knowledge of philosophy and history of science in the twentieth century. In addition, Silvia is the co-founder and current secretary of the Astrobiology Society at the University of Manchester. She is involved in the planning and organization of stimulating events for the popularization of science and its debate, mainly focused on the origin of life and space exploration.


Penrose Interpretation and Quantum Gravity


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