Raphael Schwere

Raphael Schwere

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Jun 2020-Aug 2020)

Raphael Schwere is a social and cultural anthropologist specializing on human-animal relations, practical knowledge, material culture, and museums in the Horn of Africa and East Africa. He is a PhD student and lectures at the Dept. of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies of the University of Zurich, where he works as a research and teaching assistant at the Ethnographic Museum. His PhD project focuses on changing relationships between humans and camels in the 'de-facto' Republic of Somaliland. Situated in the field of transforming human-environment relations, the study examines this emblematic pastoralist duo living through ecologically and socially changing times and towards novel multispecies configurations at the dawn of a postdomestic era of human-animal relations.

Raphael joined the MPIWG as a Visiting Predoctoral Fellow in Department III’s working group “Out of Place, Out of Time” under the “The Body of Animals” research theme.


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Transforming Human-Camel Relations in the Context of Social and Ecological Dynamics in Somaliland