Rodolfo Garau

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Sep 2021-Aug 2022)


Rodolfo studied philosophy and history of science at the University of Turin (Italy) and at Concordia University (Montreal, QC). Since January 2011, he has been a PhD candidate at the doctoral school of philosophy at the University of Turin, with a focus on the history of seventeenth-century philosophy and science. In 2012, he was researching at the University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Professor Catherine Wilson. He works on three main research projects: Pierre Gassendi and post-Galilean Science, the history of the principle of Conatus in the early modern period, and history of the idea of contingency in early modern and modern science


Science and Theories of Knowledge until the Mid-twentieth Century


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Selected Publications

Garau, Rodolfo (2019). “The Transformation of Final Causation: Telesio’s Theories of Self-Preservation and Motion.” In Bernardino Telesio and the Natural Sciences in the Renaissance, ed. P. D. Omodeo, 231–251. Leiden: Brill.…

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Omodeo, Pietro Daniel, and Rodolfo Garau, eds. (2019). Contingency and Natural Order in Early Modern Science. Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science 332. Cham: Springer.

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Garau, Rodolfo (2019). “Descartes’ Physics in ‘Le Monde’ and the Late-Scholastic Idea of Contingency.” In Contingency and Natural Order in Early Modern Science, ed. P. D. Omodeo and R. Garau, 332:199–217. Cham: Springer.…

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Garau, Rodolfo, and Pietro Daniel Omodeo (2019). “Introduction.” In Contingency and Natural Order in Early Modern Science, ed. P. D. Omodeo and R. Garau, 332:9–25. Cham: Springer.

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Past Events


Bernardino Telesio, the Natural Sciences and Medicine in the Renaissance

Predoctoral Event

Land Ahoy!


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

How Do We Know Atoms? Gassendi’s Epistemology of Atomism

Renaissance Society of America Meeting - Berlin

Hobbes’s Theory of Vital and Animal Motion

Scottish Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

On the Ancient sources of Hobbes’s account of voluntary motion

American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting - Baltimore

Contingency and Natural Laws in Descartes’s Natural Philosophy

History of Science Society Meeting, Chicago (Il)