Qun Che

Postdoctoral Fellow (Jan 2017-Jun 2018)


Qun Che obtained her doctorate in History of Science and Technology at Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2015. Her dissertation mainly focused on the epidemic history of Schistosomiasis around the Dongting Lake region since the Middle Qing Dynasty and its relevant social and environmental factors, such as wars, water conservancy, traffic routes, and ecological transformations, which led to the outbreak of the disease. Following this, she was Assistant Research Fellow in the History Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University, participating in the research project “Study on How Infectious Diseases Influenced Chinese History.” She has participated in several research projects during her career including “Collection, Collation & Research for the Nongovernmental Writ of Contract in Southern Zhejiang Province,” “Historical Population Quantity Dynamic of Yellow Sea Herring,” etc., mainly taking the responsibility for databases, mathematical statistics, and GIS visualization.


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Selected Publications

Che, Q., & Shu-ji, C. (2014). Land fragmentation and population pressures of Southern Zhejiang family since Middle Qing Dynasty. Historical Review, (2), 58-65.

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Che, Q. (2013). Lishui River downstream channel changes, embankment constructions and Schistosomiasis prevalence: a case study of Anxiang County, Hunan Provence. Science and Management, (6), 52-61.

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Che, Q., & Yu-sang, L. (2011). Abrupt climate change around 1600 Reflected in Nongzheng Quanshu. Agricultural History of China, (1), 120-127.

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Che, Q., & Shu-ji, C. (2011). Lineage populations and socio-economic changes since the Middle Qing Dynasty: a case study of non-Malthusian fertility patterns. Chinese Journal of Population Science, (3), 42-53.

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The Schistosomiasis Epidemic and Environmental Change