Irina Podgorny

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2019-Dec 2019)

PhD, Research Fellow, Argentine National Council of Science (CONICET)

Irina Podgorny is a permanent research fellow at the Argentine National Council of Science (CONICET). She studied Archaeology at the La Plata University, obtaining her PhD in 1994 with a dissertation on the history of archaeology and museums. She has been a research fellow at the MPIWG Dept. III Rheinberger (2009–10), she was also a postdoctoral fellow at Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Berlin and at MAST (Museu de Astronomia) in Rio de Janeiro. Irina’s current research project deals with historic extinctions and animal remedies. At the MPIWG she is also a member of the Body of Animals Working Group in Dept. III. In addition to her academic research, Irina collaborates with Argentine cultural weeklies and Latin American artists, most recently for a 2018 art exhibition in Lima, Perú. She has been a member of the Editorial Board of Science in Context since 2003 and History of Humanities since 2017, and has recently been elected president of The History of Earth Sciences Society.

Current work includes History of Paleontology, Museums of Natural History, Archaeological Ruins


The Nail of the Great Beast: A Story of Substitution, Trade, and Animal Medical Substances


The Americas' Mighty Skeletons, 1800–1850


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