Patricia Kitcher

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2018-Oct 2018)

Columbia University, Roberta and William Campbell Professor of Humanities

Patricia Kitcher received her BA in philosophy from Wellesley College and her PhD in philosophy from Princeton University. Kitcher is currently Roberta and William Campbell Professor of Humanities and Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University.  She taught previously at the University of Vermont, University of Minnesota, and University of California, San Diego. In 2007–2008, Kitcher was a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. She is a past president of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology and of the North American Kant Society.

Kitcher has written two books on the cognitive psychology of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, Kant’s Transcendental Psychology (Oxford, 1990) and Kant’s Thinker (Oxford, 2011). She has also written a book on Freud, Freud’s Dream: A Complete Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science (MIT, 1992).  The aim of Freud’s Dream was to explain the strengths and weaknesses of psychoanalysis in part by reference to its inter-disciplinary character.

Kitcher is currently working on two projects related to her work on the cognitive subject of the Critique of Pure Reason. One project, "Kant on the Self," is aimed at resolving some of the issues left open in Kant’s Thinker, in particular, the relation between the unity of self-consciousness and the unity of perceptions. The second book project, on Kant’s ethics, appeals to his views about the subject of cognition to illuminate his theory of moral agency.


Kant on the Unity of Self-Consciousness in the Unity of Perception; Kant’s Theory of Moral Agency


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