Olaf Engler

Visiting Scholar (Oct 2006-Jan 2024)

intermittently since October 1, 2006

Residence: intermittently since October 1, 2006


Theories of Knowledge in the Twentieth Century: the “Split of Scientific Rationality”


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Selected Publications

Engler, Fynn Ole (2022). Unsichere Gewissheiten. Fröhliche Wissenschaft 204. Berlin: Matthes & Seitz.

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Engler, Fynn Ole, Mathias Iven, and Jürgen Renn, eds. (2022). Albert Einstein / Moritz Schlick: Briefwechsel. Philosophische Bibliothek 754. Hamburg: Meiner.

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Engler, Fynn Ole (2021). “Einstein and Logical Empiricism.” In The Routledge Handbook of Logical Empiricism, ed. T. Uebel and C. Limbeck-Lilienau, 90–98. London: Routledge.

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Engler, Fynn Ole, ed. (2021). Schlick, Moritz: Texte zur Quantentheorie. Philosophische Bibliothek 742. Hamburg: Meiner.

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3Sat explores philosophy of science with references to research by Visiting Scholar Olaf Engler


Fynn Ole Engler, Mathias Iven, and Jürgen Renn publish correspondence between Einstein and Schlick



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