Olaf Engler

Visiting Scholar (Oct 2006-Jan 2021)

intermittently since October 1, 2006

Residence: intermittently since October 1, 2006


Theories of Knowledge in the Twentieth Century: the “Split of Scientific Rationality”


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Selected Publications

Engler, O., & Renn, J. (2018). Gespaltene Vernunft: vom Ende eines Dialogs zwischen Wissenschaft und Philosophie. Berlin: Mattes & Seitz.

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Engler, F. O., Renn, J., & Schemmel, M. (2018). Creating room for historical rationality. Isis, 109(1), 87-91. doi:10.1086/697180.

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Engler, F. O., & Renn, J. (2016). Two encounters. In A. Blum, K. Gavroglu, C. Joas, & J. Renn (Eds.), Shifting paradigms: Thomas S. Kuhn and the history of science (pp. 139-147). Berlin: Edition Open Access.

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Engler, F. O. (2012). Review of: Czasny, Karl: Quantenphysik als Herausforderung der Erkenntnistheorie. Freiburg [u.a.]: Alber 2010. Wittgenstein-Studien, 3, 311-314.

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