Oscar João Abdounur

Visiting Scholar (Feb 2016-Feb 2018)


Oscar researches a historical and interdisciplinary account of theoretical music and mathematics in the early modern period and its implications for education. Other interests include the theories of ratio in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, heuristics and analogical thought, history and mathematics education and the internationalization of mathematical knowledge in Brazil.


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Structural Mathematical Change in Musical Thought in the Early Modern Period


Selected Publications

Abdounur, O. J. (2012). Instabilidade no tratamento de razões no contexto do desenvolvimento da matemática européia medieval. Revista Brasileira de História da Matemática, 11(23), 7-14.

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Abdounur, O. J., & Cesar de Mattos, A. (2012). The introduction of the European university system in Brazil. In J. Renn (Ed.), The globalization of knowledge in history (pp. 417-437). Berlin: Edition open access.

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Abdounur, O. J. (2012). Analogical thought in teaching/ learning dynamics: an epistemological approach on the interrelationships between mathematics and music. In T. A. Mattei (Ed.), Interdisciplinary approaches to neuroscience, epistemology, and…

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Abdounur, O. J. (2011). Geometry and theoretical music in the Renaissance. In F. Seroglou, V. Koulountzos, & A. Siatras (Eds.), Science & culture: promise, challenge and demand (pp. 16-19). Athens: Epikentro.

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