Nung-yao LIN

Affiliated Scholar (Feb 2021-Dec 2022)


Nung-yao Lin received his PhD in Computer Science from the National Taiwan University. His doctoral research focuses on methods how to extract and analyze geographic information from textual sources. In addition, he is involved with research projects on Taiwanese land deeds and cadasters during the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese occupation.

At the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, he will collaborate with Digital Humanities scholars in order to construct a geographic information system based on Local Gazetteers and Chinese maps produced in the 1930s.



“Tu (圖)” in Local Gazetteers


The WebGIS Platform of Historical Maps of China


Translation Terroirs: East Asia Between Autochthonous and Western Cartographic Languages


Selected Publications

Lin, Nung-yao, Shih-Pei Chen, Sean Wang, and Calvin Yeh (2020). “Displaying Spatial Epistemologies on Web GIS: Using Visual Materials from the Chinese Local Gazetteers as an Example.” International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing 14 (1–2):…

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Lin Nung-yao 林農堯, Chen Shih-Pei 陳詩沛, Che Qun 車群, Yeh Calvin 葉桂林, and Sean Wang (2019). “Shuwei renwen zhong de kongjian renshilun: yi Zhongguo fangzhi yu lucetu weili 數位人文中的空間認識論: 以中國方志與陸測圖為例 [Spatial Epistemologies in Digital Humanities: Using…

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Past Events


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Digital Humanities Workshop

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