Mitchell G. Ash

Visiting Scholar (Aug 2019-Jul 2020)

PhD, Professor of Modern History and Head, Working Group in History of Science, University of Vienna, Austria

Mitchell G. Ash joined the Research Program on the History of the Max Planck Society (GMPG) in 2017. He received his PhD in History from Harvard University (1982) and studied history and sociology of science at the Free University of Berlin. He is a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and has been a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg/Center for Advanced Study Berlin. He has held visiting professorships at the universities of Göttingen, Vienna, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and visiting research fellowships at the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University.

Mitchell is author or editor of 15 books and over 150 articles and review essays. His research interests include the social, cultural, and political relations of the sciences in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the history of the human sciences, and the cultural history of human-animal relations. His research at the GMPG focuses on “Scientific and Political Changes in Twentieth-Century Germany and Austria—1918, 1933/38, 1945, 1989/90.”

Selected Publications

Ash, M. G. (1997). Wissenschaft, Politik und Modernität in der DDR: Ansätze zu einer Neubetrachtung. In K. Weisemann, H.-P. Kröner, & R. Toellner (Eds.), Wissenschaft und Politik: Genetik und Humangenetik in der DDR (1949-1989) (pp. 1-26)…

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Ash, M. G., Carrier, M., Dössel, O., Frevert, U., Großmann, S., Grötschel, M., Kliegl, R., Peukert, A., Rheinberger, H.-J., Schmidt-Aßmann, E., Schimank, U., Stollorz, V., Taubert, N., & Weingart, P. (Eds.). (2015). Empfehlungen zur Zukunft des…

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Ash, M. G. (2004). Einleitung: Die Psychologie in praktischen Kontexten (Psychology in Practical Contexts).

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Ash, M. G. (1999). Scientific changes in Germany 1933, 1945 and 1990: towards a comparison. Minerva, 37(4), 329-354.

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