Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo

Visiting Scholar (Nov 2017-Dec 2017)

PhD, Research Associate

Dr. Pharo is a historian of ideas and religions with a special interest in the American continent. He is Research Associate and Advisor at Moses Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project at Harvard University. The research interests of Pharo are religions, economics/finance, political ideas (ideologies), knowledge (systems), and practices – in addition how these are interrelated and conceptionalized in Indo-European and American languages. Employing historic, linguistic, and anthropological methodologies, Pharo has analysed ideologies and epistemologies of writing and other semiotic systems, (temporal) rituals, languages, and translations of Christian scripture, mission, as well as the history and practice of different theoretical concepts (Begriffsgeschichte). Pharo is now conducting research on Andean and Mesoamerican cartography. An encyclopaedia of Pre-European epistemologies, ideas, and practices are recorded in Andean and Mesoamerican cartographic manuscripts produced before the European arrival and in the early colonial period. The objective is to undertake a comparative analysis of different Indigenous epistemologies and its encounter with European Christianity and ideology. The second major project is an interdisciplinary comparative analysis of the manner in which multinational companies implement epistemologies of religion, political ideology, and applied ethics in business/finance philosophies and models. The focus is on political and religious ideas and (moral) philosophy for the decision-structure and system of corporations in international business and finance. The point of departure is the impact of Indigenous American ideology and institution upon a Swedish multinational company. Using a comparative methodology of applied history of knowledge, Pharo aims to demonstrate how religious and political (moral) philosophical systems, institutions, and governance have impacted on finance and business institutions and strategies.