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Larisa Jasarevic

Visiting Scholar (Mar 2022-Dec 2022)


Larisa Jasarevic is an anthropologist. Her current research interests evolve around developing an eco-eschatology: a blend of ecological and Islamic eschatological insights that helps us grasp the feel of the present and grope for ways of living through our “catastrophic times.” Focused on honeybees, her field research project documented the ways in which bees and beekeepers in Bosnia weather the local effects of global climate change. Larisa is especially interested in conveying the meaning of bees in the Bosnian Muslim culture as well as in recovering deep, ecological notes in Islamic teachings about death and planetary doom. Her research is the subject of an upcoming book entitled Beekeeping in the End Times (IUP 2023). Her time at MPIWG is devoted to the post-production of a documentary film by the same name. Larisa’s previous book, entitled Health and Wealth in the Bosnian Market: Intimate Debt, described close intersections between bodily experience and post-war economy. Larisa earned her PhD at the University of Chicago and taught at the University of Chicago’s Global Studies Program. She is a 2022 Fellow with the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF).


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Beekeeping in the End Times