Leonardo Cardoso

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Jul 2019-Aug 2019)

PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Performance Studies, Texas A&M University

Leonardo Cardoso is an Assistant Professor and a Crawley Faculty Fellow in the Department of Performance Studies at Texas A&M University. His research explores sound-making and auditory practices as avenues for studying the government. It also examines the role of the state in framing certain sounds as (un)desirable, (il)licit, or (un)necessary. His first book, Sound-Politics in São Paulo (Oxford University Press, 2019), provides an ethnographic account of noise control debates in the most populous city in the Americas. His second book project, titled “State Acoustics in Brazil,” continues the study of sound-politics as an analytical paradigm initiated in Sound-Politics in São Paulo but examines a broader range of sound categories and historical moments. State Acoustics in Brazil focuses on four modes of state acoustics: radio broadcasting, Congress talks, dissent neutralizing, and surveillance.



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Acoustic Surveillance in Brazil


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