Idit Chikurel

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Oct 2019-Dec 2019)


Idit Chikurel studied philosophy of science at Tel Aviv University, obtaining her PhD in 2019 with a dissertation on Salomon Maimon’s theory of invention. She received an award for this essay from the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem for the Study of German and Central European Jewry in 2019. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, interweaving philosophy of science, history of mathematics, history of philosophy, and Jewish philosophy. Her first postdoctoral project, conducted at the University of Potsdam in 2018–2019, explored the role of scientific knowledge in commentaries on Maimonides’s works. She has an MA degree from The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel-Aviv University, where she wrote a thesis on Maimon’s concept of number and his criticism of Kant’s synthetic a priori judgments. From 2014 to 2018, she was a fellow at the Migrating Knowledge research group at the Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University. She was also a member of the organizing committee of the first Young Scholars conference of the European Society for the History of Science, held in 2019.

In the framework of Department I, Chikurel examines Jacob ben Makhir’s Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Data (1272) in light of the tradition of the geometrical notion of given. Her first monograph, Salomon Maimon’s Theory of Invention: Scientific Genius, Analysis and Euclidean Geometry, will be published with De Gruyter.


The Hebrew Translation of Euclid’s “Data”


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Translating Euclid into Hebrew: Ben Makhir's Translation of Data


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

“Transcultural Translations: Maimon’s and Mendelssohn’s Translations of
Scientific and Logical Knowledge in Jewish Philosophy”

The Translation of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Translation

University of Potsdam, Tel Aviv University & The Research Center for Analytic

German Idealism (FAGI)

“Influences of Greek Geometrical Analysis on Maimon’s Notions of Analysis”

History of Science Society (HSS)

“Skepticism and Certainty in Salomon Maimon’s Theory of Invention”

Maimonides Center for Advance Studies (University of Hamburg)

“Scientific Knowledge in Commentaries on Maimonides’ Works”

The Minerva Humanities Center (Tel-Aviv University)

“Influences of Greek Geometrical Analysis on Maimon’s Notions of Invention and Analysis”

The British Society for the History of Philosophy (BSHP)