Georg Schäfer

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Feb 2021-Dec 2023)

Georg N. Schäfer is a doctoral candidate of sociology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. He completed his BA in Governance and Public Policy at the University of Passau and the Lahore University of Management and Sciences. In 2019, Georg graduated from Kiel University with an MA in Practical Philosophy of the Economy and the Environment and an MSc in Sustainability, Society and the Environment, after spending a year studying at the University of Kansas. He joined the Anthropocene Formations working group of Department I in February 2021 to extend the work on his PhD project, which will inquire into the role of modern economic activity in the genesis of the Anthropocene. Focusing on the emergence of modern economic activity in the early modern era, the project will explore whether the current drivers and dynamics of the Anthropocene can be better understood by examining the economic production conditions of a potential economy of the Anthropocene. The PhD project is supervised by Hartmut Rosa and Jürgen Renn.


Epistemic Configurations: The Formation of Anthropocene Knowledge


IV. Anthropocene Formations


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Collaborative Practice on a Changing Planet: The Anthropocene Curriculum Network