Felix Falko Schäfer

Visiting Scholar (Jan 2018-Dec 2022)


Felix Schäfer studied Classical Archeology, Ancient History and Computer Science at the Universities of Freiburg, Oxford (UK) and Cologne, where he also received his doctorate on a subject of ancient Roman architectural history. Afterwards, he was scientific assistant at the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne, but at the same time responsible for the development of IT applications and expert databases within the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) in Berlin. From September 2011 to December 2017 he designed and coordinated the development of “IANUS. Forschungsdatenzentrum Archäologie & Altertumswissenschaften,” a national discipline-specific research data infrastructure with a focus on data management and digital long-term preservation.

He is responsible for investigating within the GWDG-GMPG-cooperation all legal, technical, and organizational issues concerning the sustainable archiving, dissemination, and continuation of the GMPG program dataset and its virtual research environment following the program’s end in 2022. Prior to this, Schäfer was responsible for project coordination of the mass digitization of archival material from the AMPG (Berlin) and records from the registry of the GV (Munich). His professional expertise lies in the management and the long-term availability of research data and the conceptualization of relevant infrastructures.