Davide Pietrini

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Jan 2019-Oct 2019)

PhD candidate, University of Urbino

After completing my studies in philosophical sciences at the University of Bologna, I began a PhD in Science of Complexity at the University of Urbino. My current research project deals with “Mathematical Humanism” in Urbino during the Renaissance.

The art historian André Chastel defined the fifteenth century of Urbino as the center of Mathematical Humanism. Although Federico da Montefeltro’s court represented one of the most important milieus for the meetings between architects, artists, and mathematicians (e.g., Piero della Francesca, Luca Pacioli, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Leonardo da Vinci, Paolo da Middelburg), the recovery and translation of ancient mathematics is mainly evident during the sixteenth century. During these years, Federico Commandino inaugurated the so-called “school of mathematics of Urbino.” He had numerous and famous pupils like Guidobaldo dal Monte and Bernardino Baldi. They translated many of the works of Archimedes, Euclid, Pappus, Apollonius, and Hero. These works were fundamental for Galileo’s scientific revolution. Muzio Oddi was the last proponent of this illustrious tradition.

As a member of Matteo Valleriani’s group in Department I, we are currently developing a digital platform that is capable of analyzing Latin texts on mechanics in order facilitate the study of the semantic evolution of concepts.

Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Bilancie giuste a poste per chiarire questa verità. The importance of instrument in Guidobaldo's Le Mechaniche.
16th International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences