Carla Nappi

Visiting Scholar (Jun 2020-Jun 0202)

Carla Nappi studied History of Science at Princeton University, obtaining her PhD in 2006 with a dissertation on natural history and materia medica in sixteenth-century China. She has been Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, and a Fellow of the National Humanities Center, and is currently Associate Professor of History and Canada Research Chair in Early Modern Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Carla’s current research deals with the use of the Manchu language to translate science and medicine across early modern Eurasia. She is finishing Illegible Cities, a book manuscript on the history of translation to and from non-European languages in early modern China, and beginning a new project, Prepositional Bodies, on the translation of bodily experience in Manchu texts. At the MPIWG she is also a member of the Animals Working Group in Department III.

In addition to her academic research Carla also writes short fiction and hosts a series of podcasts devoted to interviews with authors of new books. You can find out much more about her work at


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Prepositional Bodies




Itineraries of Materials, Recipes, Techniques, and Knowledge in the Early Modern World (Part II)