Chen (Sarah) Huang

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Feb 2021-Oct 2021)

Chen (Sarah) Huang holds a BA in Art History and Sociology from the University of Hong Kong, and an MA in Art History and Archaeology from SOAS, University of London. Since 2013, she has been incorporating digital humanities into research on historical and contemporary visual materials. Her current project investigates the intersection of the history of knowledge, agriculture, and print culture in late imperial China through the lens of “famine foods”—a body of knowledge of utilizing a wide range of edible plants for survival in times of scarcity. At the MPIWG, she will focus on the Ming treatise Jiuhuang bencao 救荒本草 and study how the book translated embodied practical knowledge into texts and graphics in printed format. In conjuncture with the research, she is also building a multimedia database of famine foods. Sarah is a member of the working group “Agriculture and the Making of Sciences (1100–1700).”


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Mapping the Knowledge of Famine Foods in China, 1400–1650